Mittwoch, 14. Dezember 2011


The differences between my old life and my new life. Okay where to start. I have no idea to be honest. LOL. Imma start with the negative things. Well. What I don’t like about my new life: I’m not independent anymore AT ALL and I hate it I miss my trains and buses and whatever. :( I need a car so bad. Here. In Germany I don’t need a car. I hate needing rides all the time, FOR REAL! Next thing, the school. GAUTIER HIGH SCHOOL, oh well. awesome. I hate the uniform. And its so boringgg ;( At least I have new comfy zebra slippers which the dresscodes allows to wear. YESSSS. I like some people…but not very many unfortunately :( Some are so ignorant and two-faced. Unbelievable. And for most I am just “the german” I guess. SO GAUTIER HIGH SCHOOL PEOPLE (including the ones that really dont like me for some reason): HEY! I am a normal person, and I’m Charlotte. Not the german girl. I’m C H A R L O T T E . Oh and all the people who never talked to me before: Hey, you can just talk to me (oh and btw you dont need to talk slow to me. I do speak English and I understand everything. But I doubt you’ll understand anything if I start cursing you out in german, oh well. whatever.) Maybe you’ll regret it when I’m gone and you never talked to me. LOL. Maybe not. But oh well. I don’t like that every day I have classes until 3:30 pm. WHYYY ?! :( I miss going home at 1pm haha. And I don’t learn really much here either. The american school system…is maybe really not the best one. Other than that, I hate only having the opportunity to go either to the courtyard during break, or the cafeteria. HEEEY. Boring. But ok. Imma stop now to talk bad about Gautier High & Gautier (but ok Gautier is really boring. They do have a “Mall”, some food places and thats actually it. BUUUT what gautier has. ehm ok. Well, the Soccer team :) I tried out like a month ago (actually more for fun and to finally find friends cuz…I was a little desperate lol.) WEEELL, yeah I made the team and I keep on becoming better and better and I never knew that soccer is actually so much fun! Can’t wait for track though. Thats the only thing Im good at except for playing the piano, lol. Oh yeah thats another really cool thing about being here! People are like fascinated or amazed when I play the piano. :D Nobody in Germany thought I was good, but here they all think I dont suck. Oh well, LOL. :D What else… I dont know. My life here is definately just wayyyy more boring here but its alright. I can live with that for one year. My day is pretty much the same the whole time. School, Practice, Sleeping. thats it. my day in germany used to be: school, doing my homework in boarding school, going to practice, sleeping. ok. so pretty much the same. but the last few months in germany my lifeee was so different ! it was: school, being home, hanging out with friends, riding my horse, doing homework and stuff, chilling, eating, aaaaand GOING TO THE DOCTOR. all the time. like twice a week. not fun. but, i went to cologne everytime, and everytime im in cologne i feel like shopping. so i went shopping every single time, and bought alot of stuff, lol. I miss COLOGNE! and dormagen, lol. OMFG this is already so long. Im so sorry I didnt mean to bother yall so much haha. OHHHH ANOTHER DIFFERENCE: the language and everybody eats fast food 24/7. k. thats it. bye! (#I MISS GERMANYYYY (‘nd german beer. and german parties. :( ok. imma put a line through this, trying to hide it haha))